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ミュージック プレイヤー


Yumi Yamagata (Flutist)
Yumi Yamagata has got many fans by her beautiful sounds, superb technique, and generous personality. She has been acting as a top artist who gives great pleasure to her audience.

After graduation from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, she went over to Britain and received training. The flutists who have been her masters up to now are Hiroshi Noguchi, Takeshi Koizumi, Edward Beckett, Susan Milan, et.al. Especially from Sir James Galway she has been receiving lessons and training very closely as one of his disciples. In 1986 she made her debut with her first album and her first recital in Tokyo. After that through many nationwide recitals and performances she suddenly came to be known as a new star-flutist in Japan. She has held many solo-concerts. At the same time she has performed with most of the Japanese orchestras and with foreign orchestras such as Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lorin Maazel, London Chamber Orchestra, Rumanian Chamber Orchestr, Cech-Prague Orchestra, Berlin Chamber Orchestra, German Chamber Orchestra, I Musici, Interpreti Veneziani, Camerata de Lausanne, et al.

Many albums have been published by Sony Records, King Record Co., Imagine Best Collection, Rivoalto. The CD, “Luce, Venetian Lights and Dreams” is her first self-produced one in which she has focused all her possibility cultivated by 20 years’ experience. For her 25th anniversary she made the second self- produced CD named “Anthology of Love”. In 2015, she was appointed to the visiting professor at Shobi Gakuen University.
In 2016, the CD “Eternally, Eternal Giselle” was released and she performed with the pieces in the CD in Japan and Paris.
“The Trio” is the name of her new unit with Jun Kanno (pianist) and Mozibei Tokiwazu (player of shamisen, Japanese traditional instrument with 3 strings)
In 2019 they made a debut in Europe with a tour around Barcelona, Paris, and Salzburg successfully.

Her efforts of making flute popular have been highly admired through various performances, activities on multimedia, and essay-writing.
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